Sunday, 22 April 2018

Conversation Street Episode 304

Phew! Weren't sure we were going to make it this week as Gemma's been fighting off a chest infection since last weekend, but here we are, just a day late, but with a shorter than usual episode. The majority of this podcast is taken up by Street Talk, which covers the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 16th and the 20th April. It's been a week of revelations and no mistake, as two secret affairs have been exposed. Despite not being fans of the Carla/Ali hookup, we must admit it was worth it just to see Michelle's face fall when she discovered them cavorting in the corridor. Then, of course, we had the news of Kate and Rana's relationship spreading around the Street courtesy of local loudmouth Beth. All that, plus drunk Jenny, the return of Abi and some lovely Yasmeen moments certainly made this a good set of episodes in our book. With Gemma rapidly losing her voice by the end of Street Talk, we decided to end the episode there (with just a bit of Corrie cast baby news thrown in for good measure). Fingers crossed we'll be fighting fit and back to normal for next week!
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Last chance to enter! Gritty Manchester novels to be won

Last chance to enter: Deadline for entries is 5pm on Sunday 22nd April 2018.

We have a very special competition here on the Coronation Street Blog which is open to all fans in the UK and overseas.

Author Emma Hornby writes gritty historical sagas and two of her novels - Manchester Moll and The Orphans of Ardwick - are both set in 1800s Bolton and Manchester.

Emma began writing after researching her family history. The colourful folk she unearthed gave her plenty of inspiration; like the characters in her novels, many generations of her family eked out life amidst the squalor and poverty of Lancashire's slums.

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1. Which Lancashire seaside town did author Emma Hornby once work in at a rock factory?

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Corrie Comicals Mon 16 - Fri 20 2018

Once again looking at the lighter side of Coronation Street to remind ourselves that not everything is gloomy and dark.

Monday was dominated by revelations - Rana and Kate in bed which once revealed in the environs  of the Rovers enabled Jenny Connor to observe, as we see above:

"It is the 21st Century.  You are allowed to say the word "lesbian" in public".

The other revelation was of course the tonsil hockey games between Ali and Carla, which led to the abandonment of dinner chez Michelle and an explanation of Jenny's later slightly drunker behaviour (christened "Bradleyed" elsewhere on the internet) as she gets up to leave the dinner table she tells Johnny "I missed lunch for this".

Jenny seemed to get the pick of the lines on Monday so we will move on to later in the week!  For those who want to know it the password to the wifi in the cafe is IcedFinger1997.

Talking of Roy's Rolls there was discussion of a secret pudding for Monday over which Shona was accused of making a mountain out of a moment and was a bit surprised as we can see.

Within seconds Shona hit back with the acute observation that she did not realise anyone under the age of 30 actually knew what a landline was for when Ali phoned the cafe's phone; then she carried on to accuse Carla of "not" being a cradle snatcher.  The mystery pudding turned out to be the infamous Manchester Tart; which certainly wiped any hint of a smile off of Carla's face!

Continuing the tarts theme, out on the Street Moira (talking to Liz) [and courtesy of scriptwriter Debbie Oates] refers to the Kate and Rana living room activity as "shenanigans" observing that if she is capable of that sort of activity then she is fit enough for work!

However the funniest laugh in our house this week came from the following:

As you can see Max said to Shona that "She's (Gail) washing the pots for Roy".  However in our house what we thought Max said was "She's watching the pots dry"!  So rewind and turn on the subtitles.  We are sorry the writers did not use our interpretation.

I should be writing the Friday episode review - it will be along a little later.  I hope you are enjoying this little comic diversions!


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Carla Connor - What's going on?

 Carla has a new lease of life. Her recently acquired half-brother, Aidan, was found to be a match for Carla, who needed a new kidney. Generously, Aidan agreed to undergo the operation and both he and Carla, after a short stay in hospital, were fine.

Before the transplant, Carla had a fling with Daniel Barlow. It didn’t go far, but it did enough to anger Peter resulting in a few sharp words in The Rovers – childish insults really, which, more than anything, failed to convince others that they loathed each other, despite the actual words.

Toyah was clearly anxious about Carla’s return but so far, Peter appears to be staying loyal. As noticed by many though, there is a certain chemistry which is hard to miss between Peter and Carla.  Are they not the male/female version of each other?

Carla had the sense to end the fling with Daniel and to order him to get back together with Sinead, having realised that that was where his heart lay.

Post operation, Carla turned her attentions to Ali, Michelle’s son. Apparently, there had been a mix-up at the hospital and Michelle came home with Ryan, not her biological son, but she brought him up. Her biological son was Ali, brought up by the biological mother of Ryan and so on.  (I’m even beginning to wonder if I might be Michelle’s son – must check!)

There followed the strange episode of Michelle and Carla, imitating a couple of 10 year old school girls, looking round Sally and Tim’s house with a view to nothing more than ridiculing and mocking Sally’s choice of d├ęcor. Why? If anyone can help me understand the point of this story, I will gladly listen. Anyway, what that incident did was not make us like Sally any the less, but rather like Carla and Michelle a good deal less.

That incident was one of the strangest I’ve ever seen in all the years that I have been watching Coronation Street.

Fair is fair though and it was a lovely moment when it was revealed that Carla had signed the factory over to her life-giver, Aidan. There was though the question as to what would Carla now do? In the factory, she was in her element. She was the boss, she was good at her job and a reasonable staff-manager, even managing Sally when she became a little too self-important.

Well one thing she did do, and this was undoubtedly not her smartest move, was to begin a fling with Ali, Michelle’s biological son, but not the one she brought up. Michelle was desperate to form a proper mother/son relationship with him but hadn’t counted on the fact that her best friend would begin an affair with him. Ali was the one who did the running but Carla didn’t have to agree, did she? As a result, there is now a serious rift between the 2 former best friends and so far, no matter how much she grovels and swears that the affair is over, Michelle has uninvited her from her wedding to Robert, telling Carla that, ‘It’s for close friends and family only.’

I’ve no idea how long this fall-out will continue, but I do find it intriguing and truly reflective of life. People fall out. Best friends of many years standing, fall out. Some make up, some don’t and former best friends go to their graves, never having made it up. Family members fall out – the ripples often spreading far and wide, as can happen with friends too.

Remember when Rita and Bet fell out? Ivy and Vera? Who can forget Ken and Mike Barlow falling out? Gail and Eileen? Ongoing that one! And so many more…

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Friday, 20 April 2018

A Magical Day in Weatherfield

Every time I visit the set of Coronation Street I count it as my last. You never know when, or if, you'll ever get the privilege of visiting again. That's probably why myself and fellow Corrie blogger Emma were one of the last to leave the ITV backlot in Salford earlier this afternoon.

A panoramic view of the new Victoria Street
As you will all know by now, a brand new extended Victoria Street was unveiled earlier this afternoon and we had a special invite to attend the celebrations. Cast, crew and media professionals hoarded the small area as rain poured down onto the cobbles. We were well and truly soaked, but it was worth it.

Speak of the Daal...
To put it into perspective as to how big such a venture is for the programme, I wasn't even born the last time we saw a new street appear on the show. I grew up always knowing that Roys Rolls and Fred Elliott's Butchers were around the corner from the main attraction, in a little cul-de-sac of their own. But the old Victoria Street never felt right. It wasn't realistic in the slightest, and was cramped and dingy. The new Victoria Street has spent four years in the making, and is a spacious and flexible space for characters to interact. Tina O'Brien who plays Sarah Platt will soon be entering her 20th anniversary year as the character, and myself and Emma had a wonderful chat about with her about what the extension will bring to the show. She told us she'll probably first find herself enjoying a curry in Speed Daal, Zeedan Nazir's new restaurant.

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to make of the new area, but I was thoroughly impressed. The attention to detail is awe inspiring, remarkable and commendable. One thing I loved was that the door handles on the Metrolink station are from the original 1982 Rovers. The design team on the show have really pulled off a brilliant job in making the buildings appear to have stood for over 100 years. For Coronation Street, this was forming fictional roots in the past to provide quality entertainment for the future. The new additions of Costa Coffee and Co-op have proved to be controversial online, but I'm confident that they'll blend nicely on-screen with the fictional locations. I wasn't too sure first, but now I've seen them in person I think they look fantastic.

The urban garden - a jewel in the crown of the new Victoria Street
A little park area has been created opposite the Metrolink station. Overgrown and gritty, the new urban garden certainly finds beauty in its imperfections. A pretty pastel mural brightens up an otherwise dull and crumbling wall, and a pavilion allows for reflective moments away from Maxine's bench. The real highlight of this new open space is the mosaic bench in fitting tribute to friend of the blog Martyn Hett, who was killed in the Manchester attacks last May. The plaque also remembers the other victims who lost their lives. Myself and Emma were quite taken aback by it.

Here's to the future of this fantastic programme... and it all starts on April 20th when the Victoria Street extension is seen onscreen for the first time.

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