Monday, 1 September 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday September 1st September 2014

Carla is experiencing a hold up with her work tops. She adds that by the time her place is sorted she'll need a stair lift. As siblings do, Rob tells  her she looks  a little like Thora Hird - some younger readers might not know that Thora Hird was the actress who advertised stair lifts.

Peter is critical and so Ken has no choice but to ask Carla to go to see Peter. 'This might be my son's last wish - how could I not?' What parent wouldn't do that? Understandably, Carla is conflicted and decides to go to The Canaries to get away from it all - at least she got in the taxi to the airport - in Steve's fastest time mind - but shortly afterwards she was back. her actions show that no matter how badly someone treats  you, it is impossible just to stop caring for someone in an instant.

Ken is hopeful that Peter will recover, but Rob points out that even bookies run out of luck.

Carla goes to the hospital and the first people she sees on her return are Ken, Rob and the lovely Tracy, who despite her brother being so ill, manages to take her mind off things by attending the wedding fayre, aptly entitled Richer or Poorer. Earlier Carla had made clear her feelings known about chocolate fountains. 'Tacky' she declared 'Unhygienic - all sorts in there.' Which is enough to put anyone off.

The scene with Rob alone with Peter in the hospital was powerful - particularly the bit about how they are both going to the same place and that neither of them will need a coat.

Todd is having a rough time with the forceful and dominating Tony. Tony is issuing orders to Todd with no thought for his feelings. Todd is paying the price. 'You're whatever I say you are until the foreseeable,' snarls Tony.

Meanwhile £2000 is offered by Tony in compensation for Tyrone's accident. Fizz will talk to Tyrone, but it seems we have not seen the last of this. Tony is desperate to protect his son's business. Will the truth about the inadequate materials come out or is Tony deft enough in his effort to conceal the truth.

Kylie is clearly distressed about how the house looks and of course in a more rational moment she would see that as long as the house is reasonable and there's not rubbish strewn everywhere. Kylie makes a telling comment revealing how she really does not enjoy having to deal with people of authority. 'I've been judged by people like her all my life.' The child psychiatrist arrives and seems unfazed and Michael has covered up his tag. Gail though, becomes ridiculous and tries to impress by putting on an upper class accent ands asking if their visitor would like a cappuccino.

Steph had  much to deal with as Luke and Katy hammed it up making Steph think they were really in a relationship. Though she claims she knew, she was real saving face and as she said, she likes ice cream and chips, just not together.

Ken knows that it is Jim who found and raised the alarm for Peter and as he says in The Rovers, 'Everyone deserves a second chance,' which might make Liz and Steve start thinking ...

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 1 Sep

Monday 1st September
CARLA STRUGGLES WITH NEWS OF PETER.Carla’s taken aback when she hears that Peter’s critically ill in
hospital and admits to Rob she can’t help feeling concerned for Peter despite everything he’s done. Rob
attempts to convince Carla that she’d be best to forget him but when Ken calls in the factory and begs
Carla to visit Peter, explaining it could be Peter’s last wish, will she agree? Meanwhile Rob’s left at Peter’s
bedside when Tracy heads off to a wedding fayre. But as Rob talks to unconscious Peter, telling him that
they’re both bound for hell, Peter suddenly convulses and the medical team rush in.
KYLIE’S ON A MISSION TO PROVE HERSELF.It’s the day of Max’s psychiatric assessment and Kylie’s
stressed, desperate to make a good impression. As she flaps around tidying the house, Max empties his
toy box all over the floor and Kylie realises with horror that Michael’s ankle tag is showing. What will
the psychiatrist make of the Platts?
JASON WORKS TIRELESSLY THROUGH HIS GUILT. As Jason restarts Tyrone’s loft conversion, Fiz confronts Tony, Jason and Todd and asks them to increase their offer as £1k compensation isn’t enough to tide them over. Tony promises to look into it.
ELSEWHERE Gail and Michael are loved up having spent the night together. Steph’s brittle towards Katy
and admits she finds the idea of her brother and her best friend together too weird. Will Luke and Katy
call time on their fling?

Monday 1st September
PETER’S LIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE. As Peter is rushed to intensive care, Rob secretly hopes it’s the
end for Peter. As the Barlows nervously wait for news, Carla sets off on holiday but shocked by this
latest turn of events will she do a u-turn and head for the hospital to visit Peter?
KYLIE FEELS THE PRESSURE MOUNT. Kylie’s embarrassed when Max behaves badly in front of the
psychiatrist, clearly unable to concentrate. The psychiatrist suggests she observes Max in school before
making an assessment. Meanwhile David confides in Gail that he’s worried Kylie will want to contact
Max’s dad because of his condition.
FIZ AND TONY BANTER AND BARTER. Under pressure from Fiz, Tony ups his offer of compensation to £2k. Tyrone reckons they should accept it but Fiz is less convinced.
ELSEWHERE Luke and Katy continue to wind up Steph and insist she joins them for a romantic meal. Steph’s clearly uncomfortable as they paw over each other, will the pair admit it’s all a wind up and they’ve decided to remain as friends and will Steph see the funny side? Steve frets over his lack of cricket team, while Liz is intrigued to learn it was Jim who saved Peter’s life by alerting the prison staff when he found Peter in a coma.

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Is Janice returning to Coronation Street?

The Daily Star today is reporting the return of Vicky Entwhistle who is reprising her character of Janice Battersby on Corrie sometime early in the new year. Janice left to go traveling with Trevor the binman in 2011

It's a surprise move if it's true because even earlier this year, Vicky was telling reporters that she didn't want to return.

“Never, absolutely never. I wouldn’t go back again. I left because I didn’t like it any more. It was boring. There are too many parts I want to play and I like to be scared.”

But we also heard Stuart Blackburn hint at another return of a favourite character in a recent interview and this news appears to be the spark behind the smoke. However, although the spoiler seems to be coming from that inevitable "insider", Mr. Curry Sauce as he's known here on the blog, a Corrie spokesperson is denying it and Ms. Entwhistle's "people" are saying nowt.

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Could Dev and Julie be a match made in Corrie heaven?

We saw some very interesting interaction between two of Corrie's most unlucky in love characters the other evening - Julie Carp and Dev Alahan. Dev managed to put his foot in it while trying to encourage Julie to sign up to the increasingly pointless gym.

Watching Dev grovel for forgiveness led to some quite sweet scenes between the two characters and I wonder which way this is heading? Previously I could never see these two together but now I think it might just work. Dev is the kind of man who needs a female influence in his life while Julie craves the security of a partner and longs for children to look after. Could they just be a perfect fit?

Dev has real staying power in Corrie, now in his fifteenth year. I haven't always been a massive fan of his I admit but when he tones it down a bit I don't mind him that much. I do love Julie though. Unfortunately I don't think she ever gets the screen time she deserves. It often feels like Julie is relegated to the crumbs left on the storyline table while the likes of Peter, Fiz, Gail and the Windasses get everything going. 

Katy Cavanagh can be a breath of fresh air when she appears. She's a good actress with a proven track record in both comedy and drama. Her scenes with Brian when she lost the baby were heartbreaking but I never felt enough was made of this storyline. I know Corrie needs its background characters and those that provide light relief but I think it's time Julie was given a bigger storyline to tackle. Perhaps involvement with Dev and his children could be the very thing?

It was also interesting to see Mary hovering in the background the other night. I think she has developed quite an attachment to Dev and the kids (even if we don't see much of this) so Julie getting involved might put Mary's nose right out of joint. 

So what do you think of pairing Julie up with Dev?
Can you see it working out or is it doomed  from the outset? If not Dev, who else should Julie step out with?

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The good, the bad and the Grimshaw

Poor old Jason. He's not exactly blessed when it comes to family is he? I think of all the young characters Corrie has brought in over the years, Jason has developed the most and has come a long way since his introduction back in 2000.

He may not be the sharpest tool in the box but he has turned out to be a loyal friend, hard working and honest. I guess this has a lot to do with his mum Eileen, even if she has filled the house with a load of miscreant boyfriends and boring firemen over the years. I love the touching relationship between mother and son and wish we could see more of it on screen.

I also really enjoy Jason and Eva together. They bring out the best in each other. Thankfully Jason's previous dalliance with Eva's mother has been glossed over. I hope they go the distance and don't fall foul to the usual diet of affairs and break ups. Again though, we need to see more of them together so the relationship can develop.

At the moment, the writers are focussing on Jason's involvement with the dreadful duo of Tony and Todd. Stuart Blackburn has said we will eventually find out more about Todd's life in London and why it has resulted in him turning into a completely unprincipled snake however unfortunately that still seems some way off. 

I'm growing tired of Machiavellian Todd - it's lacking depth and as with Tracy Barlow, it's very much a case of endless nasty remarks and cheap underhand tactics with nothing else to offer. 

Tony is an interesting character. He's not an out and out villain but I think both Jason and Liz McDonald would do well to give him a wide berth. I'm not sure what his game plan is but I do honestly think he cares about his son. He does seem to be capable of going to some lengths to get what he wants though. Terence Maynard is very good in the role and I hope he sticks around for some time.

Ultimately I hope Jason stays on the straight and narrow and builds his business up away from the manipulative machinations of the gruesome twosome. We need to see more of Corrie's younger characters making a success of their lives so let's hope Jason does just that. I'm not quite sure how he's going to get himself out of his current predicament but I don't fancy his chances against Fiz when she's got her dander up.

It's great to see Ryan Thomas get a decent storyline. He has quietly become one of Corrie's real assets and I hope his longevity in the part continues to be rewarded. 

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Coronation Street weekly update, August 29 2014

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 2013
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Tyrone's in hospital with broken bones after he falls through the ceiling. The floor of the loft conversion is too shoddy by half  and won’t hold his weight. He'll be fine, he'll mend, but the rift between the Grimshaw brothers may take a bit more than sticking plaster to heal.  Fiz and Tyrone want to claim on Jason’s insurance but if the insurers come out and find out that the wrong materials were used, they won’t pay up. Instead, Tony offers Tyrone a thousand pounds to tide them over while Tyrone’s out of work.  “I just want to give you a flippin’ slap,” Eva tells Todd when she finds out what happened.  A nation nodded their heads in agreement.

It's Lily's first birthday party and Max is destroying the fun for Kylie and David. Poor Max, it's not really his fault he has no attention span and acts up the way he does. Kylie’s at her wits end up with the kid especially when he chucks toys from his bedroom window down to the party in the back garden, and one of the toys upends the birthday cake all over the lawn. Sally gets squiffy on wine at the party while Michael and Gail coo at each another.

Deano, the landlord of the Flying Horse, sets a cricket match challenge to Steve in the Rovers. Steve needs to cobble together a team of 10 men - or women - to face the rival pub.

In the Big House, desperate Peter begs Jim for more booze. Jim says he'll get it for him but he wants something in return - he wants to see Steve. Peter sends Steve a visiting order and gets Steve there to see him under false pretences, when Steve finds out it's Jim who wants to see him instead he fumes all the way back to the pub. Liz fumes even more and says that if Jim wants a visitor, he'll get a flamin' visitor and she'll have some choice words for him too!  When Jim spies Liz in the visiting room he thinks he’s on to a good thing and might just win her back.  Liz tells him there’s no chance.  Peter’s desperate for booze and when Jim won’t give him any more, he follows Jim to the prison kitchen to find out where Jim stashes his secret booze.  With Jim out of the way, Peter finds the booze and drinks the whole flamin’ lot.  He’s out cold and taken into intensive care with alcohol poisoning. Ken and Deirdre sit and worry by his bedside while Rob looks on with a sly glint in his eye.

Michelle takes on the task of arranging Tracy and Rob’s wedding. Tracy wants all the bells and whistles that Rob can afford – doves, a harpist playing The Prodidgy’s Firestarter. Michelle, to her credit, does her best to oblige.

And finally this week, Mary’s not best pleased when Julie joins the gym as it means Dev’s time and attention is focussed on Julie instead of her.  Speaking of which, if Dev is at work and Mary’s at the gym, who’s looking after his kids?

And that was just about that for this week.

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Fab Photo Friday - August 29th 2014

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Whilst I'm impressed that Tracy Lynette Barlow is standing up for her half brother at the moment, I think she probably deserves a slap from Becky for letting her antics rub off on her once adorable daughter, Amy.

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Bonnie Tyler loves a bit of Corrie

In an interview this week with rock singer and queen of the power ballad Bonnie Tyler she says she loves Coronation Street. 

Bonnie tells the Irish Independent: "I do love to catch up on Coronation Street. A lot of people do. It's a lifelong thing. I remember the theme music (Bonnie sings "dah, dah, dah-di, dah-di, dah" down the phone) from a very early age. When I am off, I don't tend to go out much, unless it is to eat. I don't go to clubs and bars much anymore. I seem to have spent my life in them."

Ooh, come on Corrie.  Let's have Bonnie on the show as Liz McDonald's Welsh cousin!

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