Monday, 25 May 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Tracy vs Liz

Monday 25th May
TRACY DROPS HER BOMBSHELL ON LIZ The Rovers is a hive of activity as the final preparations are made for Steve and Michelle’s wedding. Tracy watches from No.1, consumed with jealousy. Hell bent on revenge, Tracy corners Liz in the Rovers yard and drops the bombshell that she’s been having an affair with Tony and they’ve plotting to oust her from the pub. Liz is devastated. Breaking down she tells Carla about Tony and Tracy’s affair. As Michelle readies to leave, Carla approaches Tracy, telling her she knows what she’s done and warning her to stay away from the wedding. But as Tracy slips behind the bar, stealing the keys to Carla’s flat from Michelle’s handbag, we wonder what she’s up to?
JENNY’S WARPED PLAN BECOMES CLEAR When Kevin tells Jenny that he’s enrolled Jack for nursery so she can reduce her hours, Jenny’s gutted and feigning a migraine, heads home leaving Kevin to attend the wedding alone. Jenny then makes a secret phone call and confirms that she and Jack will be moving to Hull that evening!
KAL PREPARES TO POP THE QUESTION Kal announces his plans to propose to Leanne. Alya, Sharif and Yasmeen are delighted for him but Zeedan struggles to compute the news. Will Zeedan finally offer Kal his blessing?

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Tracy's Revenge - a glimpse into the fire

What promised to be a happy few days for the Street’s residents is set to turn dark tomorrow as Tracy goes on the rampage yet again. Following the revelation that Carla has bought half of the Rovers, gazumping her and Tony’s plans for world, or at least Weatherfield domination, the bitter Barlow seeks revenge.

The Coronation Street blog had a sneak preview of every thrilling episode airing next week and whilst we won’t be giving away any big spoilers just yet, let’s take a look at where everyone stands, and what might be in store for them.

Producer Stuart Blackburn offered his take on the week’s events and the stories that follow: "The centre of these episodes is Tracy's revenge and that hasn't come from nowhere. That has been brewing for months and years. The jealousy that started off when she was with Rob has built and built into utter loathing.

"Coming out of these episodes, those characters are going on very, very different journeys and it is the same for everybody involved.”

Steve and Michelle are busy preparing for their big day, and hopeful that their recent troubles are behind them. With Steve’s depression under control and his financial woes improving, it’s all looking rosy. The happy couple even have a new family member…Rover the dog (who is Simon Gregson’s own dog Cookie) so could we finally see things start to improve for the McDonalds? Probably not. With Tracy on the war path, neither man nor beast can get in her way. So will the McDonalds be at risk next week and will Rover have a lead role in events?

Coronation Street’s latest true love story took a nice turn last week when Sophie and Maddie decided to move in together. The amazing turnaround Maddie has shown since moving on to the Street continues in the right direction as her and Sophie start to make future plans. But next week’s events might just scupper those plans, as Jenny’s behaviour starts to become more sinister and with all the commotion of the fire, people start to resort to desperate measures to hide secrets. There are quite a few hair raising moments to say the least. Different stories start to intertwine at this point, bringing some people closer together and others the exact opposite. 

Another blossoming love affair develops further next week as Kal and Leanne ponder their own future together. We know that Jimi Mistry is leaving Coronation Street, but in the coming days he will make a decision that will affect both his and Leanne’s futures, not to mention the whole Nazir family. Are we to hear more wedding bells on Coronation Street? And how will Simon react to the prospect of a new dad?

Where to start with Liz and Tony…poor Liz is as yet unaware that Tony has been scheming and sleeping with Tracy. Still planning a move to Spain, Liz has no idea how much her world will be turned upside down. But with things starting to improve for her and her family in recent weeks, the revelations could tip Liz over the edge. Tracy isn’t the only one with a temper…could Liz explode and if so who will come off worse, and who could inadvertently be in the firing line?

There’s no doubting Carla is in danger next week. Having attempted a normal relationship with Tracy, Carla’s purchase of the Rovers on Friday is the catalyst for all of next week’s dramatic events. But Carla is unaware of the significance of her business transaction to Tracy until Liz confides in her in the back of the Rovers. On the warpath herself, Liz asks Carla to take care of something very precious to Tracy whilst she figures out what to do. Is this Carla’s opportunity to show Tracy who’s boss?

Over at the Potter, Tilsley, Platt, Hillman, McIntyre-Rodwell's, expect more heartbreak as David resigns himself to life having to share Max with Callum, and perhaps giving him up completely. One time tearaway David really shows his emotional side next week, as recent run ins with Corrie’s new bad boy really takes its toll.

Tracy feels like she's back at square one next week. And it isn't a position she's comfortable with. Having lost so much, the evil mum starts to plot how to seek revenge on those she's been scorned by. Liz, Carla, Tony...all have targets on their backs in the coming days and unpredictable Tracy considers extreme measures to make her point. But what collateral damage might be caused through her reckless actions? 

As with all dramatic events in Weatherfield, we are always offered at least some light relief with a bit of comedy. Enter Sally and Tim, delighted at the prospect of another wedding. Because what happens during weddings on Coronation Street? A certain couple get frisky. Fresh from her Soap Awards win, expect a few more brilliant examples of Sally Dynevor’s comic rebirth.

Later in the week we will reveal what the implications of this week’s events will be throughout the summer. Stay tuned.

Tracy’s Revenge is on ITV at 9pm every day this week. 

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Corrie Weekly Awards for May 18 - 22

Kings of the World

Defeatist award: David is convinced he's going to lose Max, it's only a matter of time.

Troublemaker award: Bethany told Callum all of David's dirty secrets which then got used against him in court. Ooops.

Phrase of Doom award: Liz "I do know how lucky I am" (and there it is, folks. It won't be long before her life falls apart!)

Prewedding jitters award: Steve couldn't face the bus ride to the stag do (why didn't he take the train?) and Michelle has a face like a wet weekend at her hen do.

Financial tangles award: So Tony bought Steve's share of the pub. Steve gets the money from Tony (Travis Ltd.) and gives it to Tony to repay the tax loan. Basically, Tony's bought half the pub for nothing so technically, wouldn't Steve still owe him that tax money? And Carla's buying Liz's share of the pub so she's now in partnership with Tony (Travis Ltd.). My brain hurts.

Wrong end of the stick award: Someone tried to fix Jason up with a fit ... bloke! Turns out that they were in a gay bar. (That was quite funny! Mr. Gay Weatherfield strikes again!)

The higher they rise, the harder they fall award: Tracy Barlow and it's always enjoyable to see her crash and burn!

Lines of the week:
Bethany "Where am I ever gonna find a decent role model in my life?" Nick "Shut up"
Tim "Comes to something when I have to be the sensible one, don't it?"
Michelle on her love life "It's a bit more like Horlick's these days than flaming Sambuccas"
Steve to the dog "Sorry, mate, man's best friend has just been trumped by a man's best fiancee"
Andrea "Can you see through walls?" Carla "No but I can get out of sports cars in 7 inch heels without showing my knickers"
Tyrone "You can't have a stag night with out a stag" Jason "Why not?" Tyrone "Cause then it's just a 'night'".
Tony "If we're going to do this, let's do it respectfully" (I don't think that's possible!)
Michelle "If the Platts gibbed off every time they had a family emergency, they'd never earn a penny!"
Erica "No pouring a drink over your mother's head" Nick "Are we taking all the fun out of it?"

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Tracy's Revenge - next week on Coronation Street

The Coronation Street blog sat down with cast and crew of Coronation Street on Friday where all was revealed ahead of the explosive week titled 'Tracy’s Revenge'. In a small screening room in Central London, Kym Marsh, Jimi Mistry and Sally-Ann Matthews sat with us as we watched each gripping episode, enjoying every moment just as much as we did with each actor's character having a central role in the episodes. Producer Stuart Blackburn shared a few teasers for the months ahead, as summer on Coronation Street promises to be truly unmissable and more than worthy of that recent BAFTA win.

Director David Kester offered an insight into the many hours put in to creating such an epic and unforgettable series of stories, culminating in several life-changing events. The fire itself, the central event in next week’s episodes, took over five weeks to film, several weeks longer than planned, as cast and crew worked painstakingly to get it just right. We've seen the build up to these scenes over many months, and at the centre of the story, we'll be left wondering whether Tracy has yet again gone too far. But it’s not just the event itself we should look forward to. What happens on Coronation Street next week will have repercussions for many months to come and will see families torn apart, surprise new relationships formed, with new and uncharted directions for some of the characters we know and love. 

The Coronation Street Blog will be with you all the way, with perspectives, opinions and exclusive news from the actors and producers themselves. So keep checking the blog over the coming days. In the meantime you can whet your appetite by watching the Tracy's Revenge trailer here.

Whilst we had them, our writers took the opportunity to ask producers about another major storyline heading our way; Deirdre’s demise. Beverley Callard revealed this week that whilst she tried hard to keep reality and Coronation Street apart, her first scenes in the Barlows’ living room recently brought back the reality of her friend Annie Kirkbride’s death, and it was a difficult experience. Stuart Blackburn revealed that they are now working on Deirdre’s funeral and the aftermath, how families and friends come together to remember the iconic character. Expect tears, laughter and the odd lock-in at the Rovers.

Don’t forget to follow #TracysRevenge on Twitter, where blogger @StevieDawson will be sharing more about the coming week’s brilliant Corrie.

It's going to be explosive...

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Fab Photo Friday - May 22nd 2015

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Steve and Michelle are due to be married next week and so it gives me the excuse to show one of my favourite ever Coronation Street wedding photographs again. Here's Shelley Unwin doing the right thing and running away from a life of misery with Charle Stubbs.

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Spot the Corrie prop - May 22nd 2015

It's nice to catch you all out now and again. Everyone seems to think that the only place on Coronation Street you would ever find a book is either with Ken or Roy but they're all over the place. Last week's can be found in Nick's Bistro, probably only for decoration though.

For this week's prop puzzle just tell us whereabouts on Coronation Street you have seen this wicker heart.

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 22 May

Friday 22nd May
WILL CARLA RESCUE THE ROVERS? As Carla struggles to come up with the money to buy the Rovers, Liz and Tony head to the solicitors to do the deal with Travis Ltd. Tracy buzzes with excitement as Tony promises the pub will be theirs by the end of the day. As Liz and Tony wait nervously at the solicitor’s, Carla and Michelle arrive, explaining how there’s no need to sell to Travis Ltd as Carla’s seen her bank manager and would like to buy into the Rovers. Tony reels. With Tracy waiting expectantly, can Tony close the deal?
CALLUM HAS A PROPOSITION FOR SARAH When Callum tells David he’ll collect Max later, David seethes. David begs Sarah to go bowling with Callum and Max so she can keep an eye on them and report back to him. Will Sarah agree?
SHARIF RECEIVES A CORDIAL INVITE Cathy calls in the café and asks Roy if he’d be interested in buying her late husband’s elderflower cordial to sell to his customers. What will Roy and Sharif make of the drink?
ELSEWHERE Nick invites the family to join he and Erica for drinks in the bistro, in the hope they can all get along. Andrea listens in disbelief as they hear how Lloyd ended up stranded on a Norwegian fishing trawler heading north. Will he make it back for the wedding?

Friday 22nd May
WILL TONY SHATTER TRACY’S DREAMS? Can Tony convince Liz to go through with the deal with Travis Ltd or will Liz accept Carla’s last minute offer to buy her share of the pub? And how will Tracy react if she’s usurped by her arch enemy? Tony’s on tenterhooks as he tries to placate Tracy. Can Tony hold it all together or will an increasingly bitter Tracy blow his cover and vow revenge on all who have wronged her? Oblivious to the drama Steve and Michelle happily make plans for their big day, agreeing their marriage tomorrow is forever.
DAVID THREATENS TO REVEAL ANDY’S SECRET Nick hosts a family party in the bistro and raises a toast to Erica and the baby. As Gail makes snide remarks, David becomes drunk and maudlin and rows with Andy.
ROY’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Realising that Cathy needs £30 to pay her allotment dues, Roy offers to pay them for her but Cathy won’t hear of it. Roy suggests she helps out in the café in return for the money, will Cathy agree?
ELSEWHERE Sophie and Maddie, clearly loved up, discuss where they’re going to live. Alya tells Izzy and Sinead her plans to set up her own designer lingerie business as a side-line. Will they agree to work for her in their spare time?

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rovers pub quiz at Coronation Street tour

Thursday 18th June 7pm - 10.30pm
Tickets £16.00 per person, max of 6 people per team (team members must be over 18)

Win a VIP experience! (And a goody bag with exclusive tour merchandise for each winning team member too)

Coronation Street The Tour invites you to a pub quiz with a difference. You don't have to be a Corrie expert to enter but it might help as there will be Corrie themed questions as well as picture rounds, general knowledge and name that tune.

If you are full of trivia and want a fun evening out with friends, then book your tickets now for The Corrie Tour Pub Quiz. 

The Rovers will be open so get yourself a drink and settle down at your table in the studio in front of one of the iconic Corrie sets, for a series of questions covering everything from Corrie to capital cities!

With breaks between rounds you'll have time to go for a walk along the cobbles, have a look at the selected interior sets or take a 20 minute Street Tour with one of our guides. The Crew Kitchen Cafe and catering van will also be open for chips, hotdogs, pies and pasties if you fancy a bite to eat.

Team registration 7pm
Rovers bar open 7pm - 10pm
Quiz starts 7.30pm
Depart 10.30pm

The ticket price of £16.00 includes entry to the quiz and to Coronation Street The Tour with time to explore the studio and street. Tour guides will be on hand to talk about the sets and answer your questions (no cheating!), there will also be short guided tours of the Street in the interval.

Click here to book your tickets now!

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