Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Richard Haw­ley on Corrie: "I've wanted this job for 40 years"

There was a good interview with Corona­tion Street’s Richard Haw­ley in The Daily Mail's Weekend magazine which I saw at the weekend.

Richard, who plays Johnny Connor in Corrie, says he's been after a role in the show for 40 years!

He says: ‘I’ve been try­ing to get a job on the Street for my whole ca­reer; I’ve been up for jobs at least six times in the past 20 years. When I got the part I went into an emo­tional free-fall. It was the chance of a life­time, so I was in­cred­i­bly ex­cited and full of adren­a­line.

‘Even now I pinch my­self; I look around and get a sense of his­tory, of stand­ing on the shoul­ders of gi­ants. I’m not sure how I got here, but I feel I’ve got the best job in the coun­try.’

Speaking about Jenny and Johnny, Richard says: ‘I en­joy work­ing with Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny, and I think we’ve got chemistry. So I hope they’ll have fun for years and maybe get mar­ried one day.’

Richard’s been mar­ried for more than 30 years and has grown-up twin daugh­ters. The fam­ily home’s in Brighton and Richard heads there when he can, but in the week he shares a Manch­ester flat with Con­nor McIntyre, who plays evil Pat Phe­lan.

It’s a price Richard’s pre­pared to pay for his dream role. ‘I al­ways wanted a job in Corrie that’d be­come a big char­ac­ter like Mike Bald­win. They’re big shoes to fill but it’s a priv­i­lege to be given a shot. If it was up to me, I’d spend a fair old time here.’

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Sarah reveals that Kylie killed Callum in Coronation Street

Next week on Coronation Street we'll see Kylie's funeral take place.  David's just about managing to keep it together but things looks set - in true soap style - to explode at the graveside.

Inside Soap magazine today reveal that on the morning of Kylie's funeral, Sarah visits Todd at Preston's Petals.  Todd tells Sarah that he knows she killed Callum - and of course Sarah denies it all. Todd's got the wrong end of the stick and when Sarah denies killing Callum, Todd then assumes that David must have killed him.

At the funeral, Todd has a go at David and follows the Platts back to the house accusing David of killing Callum. Todd's angry because he believes that Jason left because he thought his dad Tony Stewart was the murderer. Anyway, Todd's anger spills over and as David and Todd argue and fight, Sarah blurts out the truth: "David wasn't the killer! Kylie was!"

Oh 'eck.  I can't wait to see everyone's stunned faces at the wake at the Platts next week.

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, August 1 - 3

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 1 to Friday 5 August
Kylie’s funeral takes place, Sean finds out about Billy and Todd, Craig saves Gemma from Macca, Eileen falls out with Phelan, Audrey and Freddie kiss, Gary and Izzy get back together.

The full weekly preview, with pictures is right here on Corrie.net

Missed last week's Corrie?

Catch up with the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 25th July 2016

It's relationship day on Corrie as various couples argue, make up, or come to new understandings, not least of all about a feature wall in the bedroom.

First of all we have Steve with his one true love - Rover the dog. He has a heart to heart with her about another fine mess he's got himself into. Rover isn't the only one who hears his confession though: by the end of the first half of epsiode one, he's told all to his mum, who is, and I quote: "looking forward to the fireworks". I think we all are, Liz. After suffering stomach pains in the street,  Leanne goes to A&E, accompanied by Michelle - the dramatic irony is not lost on Leanne. Every kind of irony is lost on Michelle as she talks about Paul babysitting Ryan (the same Paul who locked Leanne in a car boot), Ryan, who only phones once a fortnight (what about her "other" son, Alex?) and then goes on to harry Leanne about who the father is, whether he knows, what's his name etc etc. Ever thought your presence might be more of a hindrance than help, Michelle? But Leanne, although anxious, is glad that Michelle is there when she's waiting and when she gets the all clear, and Steve is pleased as well. Leanne tells him that the only way he can play a part in his child's life is if he tells Michelle and since he doesn't want to do that, and risk losing his wife, they agree that they will never speak of this again. For now.

There are quite a few people who are now under oath not to say anything - Simon, Steph, Liz, Michelle and Steve, of course, and they all want to spill the beans. Michelle, with her new honesty is the only policy outlook, breaks the news to Steve (or so she thinks) and confesses that she has changed her mind and now wants a child of her own. Just keep an eye on the baby's tag this time, Michelle. Steve wonders if God is having a laugh: chucking stuff down on him and seeing how he'll deal with it. I guess by God he means Kate Oates.

Jenny Bradley uses the excuse of creating a distraction to cover up Sally using Underworld's photocopier for "very important council business" to have her own tête-à-tête with her boss-slash-lover. Johnny, in a very bass-player-in-a-pub-rock-band waistcoat, thinks they should call it a day because of the difference in their roles at the factory and because of Kate's romantic troubles. "She's a grown woman," quoth Jenny Bradley and she's not wrong. If Johnny keeps coddling Kate, she'll become self-righteous and unforgiving - oh hang one, she's like that already.

Later, a mix up about meeting locations leads the young and handsome Mr Singh Jnr to ask Jenny Bradley (in another sexy outfit from her ever revolving and evolving wardrobe) out for a drink and a little kiss goodnight, with Johnny and Aidan as witnesses. Jenny Bradley, you saucepot! Johnny comes round, then goes around to Jenny's, where she tells him to treat her with a bit of respect and "the kisses will come thick and fast", You minx, Jenny Bradley!

Luke lets the Caz out of the bag, and tells Sophie, who of course immediately spills it to Kate, that her ex is staying at Maria's (not Maria and Luke's), which leads to a couple of showdowns as Kate spits feathers at Maria and tells Caz she never wants to see her again, which is a bit difficult since she lives, as Luke points out, "twenty yards away". Caz has more bad news as she finds out that the court martial is set for a month's time, but Maria says that she can stay at hers (not hers and Luke's) for as long as she wants, much to Luke's annoyance.

Meanwhile, Gemma gets free sweets and (almost) a gratis cut and blow dry for doing the right thing and dobbing in Clayton to the police. David is unimpressed - if she hadn't been friends with Macca, and, by extension, Clayton, in the first place, the brothers wouldn't have been hanging around. David is back at the salon, working like nothing has happened, even sweeping Kylie's nail equipment into the bin. Audrey tells him to go home to sort out the funeral arrangements - what about looking after the two children?? - but he is only floored when Mrs O'Hara who, presumably doesn't read the local paper or watch ITV Weatherfield news, asks after his wife.

Elsewhere, Sally is still worried abut the furore over Barry the missing dog. I do hope we'll see more of the Mayor and his partner. But perhaps less of Sally's pelvic floor exercises.

Rachel Stevenson - personal website

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Corrie weekly update - baby bombshell and a croquembouche

Corrie weekly updates from 1995
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield
None of the waffle
Available from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com
It’s the aftermath of Kylie’s death this week on Corrie. The cops quiz Gemma and Craig while David swears revenge on Kylie’s killer. He finds Clayton, chases him down the street and over the back fences and is ready to bash his brains out when little Max shouts and David stops, dead. Clayton escapes and is later caught by the cops.  There was a lovely scene in the salon where David breaks down and hugs Kylie’s pink hoodie towards him to soak up his tears. The camera pans to Gemma sitting in the bus stop wearing … a pink hoodie. The chav mantle has been passed on.  Or am I reading too much into this and need to get out more?
Jenny and Johnny arrange a date and she gets all dolled up only to be stood up. Johnny can’t leave Kate, who’s in a state over Caz, who’s moved in with Maria. When Johnny does arrive for the date, Jenny gives him short shrift. Mind you, he does take her on at the factory as a machinist on a month-long trial.

Leanne’s pregnancy is confirmed and she confides in Steph. She also tells the dad – and it’s Steve. He’s not best pleased and offers to pay half the money for the abortion but Leanne is determined to keep it.

Sally throws a soiree and goes into full-on competitive, combative mode against Yasmeen and her orangery next door.  There’s some wonderful comic scenes when Martin the mayor and his partner Terence arrive along with Barry their dog.  The dog escapes and while everyone is looking for it out on the street, Yasmeen and Sally bond up the ginnel.  Perfect.

Sorry it’s so short this week, as the actress said to the bishop but I’ll be back next week, proper.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Jayne Hollinson (Monday); Jonathan Harvey (Weds); Susan Oudot (Thurs); Julie Jones (Friday double). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/2008/11/exclusive-all-current-corrie-writers.html

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at http://flamingnora.blogspot.com
Website: glendayoungbooks.com

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Will Leanne keep mum about Steve's baby?

Here is a newly released picture from tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 25th July 2016.

Steve McDonald has been in some scrapes before but he really is facing the daddy of all problems this time. The hapless pub landlord found out on Friday (July 22nd) that Leanne is pregnant with his baby after a ill-judged one night stand earlier this month. And on Friday night Leanne finally came clean to Steve in the Rovers backyard.

In these scenes from Monday (25/07/16) night Steve dashes to the local hospital after Tim tells him Michelle has gone there. Worried that his wife is ill he is sent reeling when he finds her sitting with an anxious Leanne who has been experiencing stomach pains.

Has Leanne kept mum or has Steve arrived just in the nick of time?

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Who are Adam and Daniel? See our Ken Barlow family tree!

Confused by Ken's family tree? Be confused no more, Corrie fans. Here's our family tree and explanations as to whom Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne are - and where Peter fits into it all.

Ken Barlow's first wife was Valerie. They had twins - Peter and Susan.

Ken and wife Valerie Barlow with their twins Susan and Peter Barlow
We know that Peter Barlow is returning. Susan grew up to a right little madam. She married Mike Baldwin and they had a son, Adam, pictured below. Then Susan died in a car crash. Adam is Ken's grandson. He was born in 1988 which makes him 28 years old now.
Ken's grandson Adam Barlow with his dad, Mike Baldwin.
Ken had a fling with hairdresser Denise Osbourne and he fathered a child with her, Daniel Osbourne. Daniel was born in 1995 which will make him 21 years old now.
Ken with Denise Osbourne and their son Daniel Osbourne
Ken married Deirdre and adopted Tracy. Tracy is not blood-related to Peter, Adam or Daniel.

Ken with Deirdre and adopted daughter Tracy
Ken also had a fling with Susan Cunningham and fathered Lawrence Cunningham.  Lawrence has two children - James and Chloe.  We've never seen Chloe on screen.

Ken with his grandson James Cunningham (left) and son Lawrence Cunningham (right)
See also: Adam and Daniel are returning to Coronation Street

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 25 July

Monday 25th July
LEANNE HAS A SCARE When Leanne suffers stomach pains as she chats to Michelle in the street, Simon’s concerned it’s the baby. Realising Leanne’s pregnant, Michelle gets Tim to drive them to hospital. Leanne’s anxious as she waits at the hospital with Michelle by her side.
JENNY GROWS IMPATIENT WITH JOHNNY Ignoring Rita’s words of warning, Jenny decides to give Johnny another chance but is gutted when Johnny tells her they made the right decision by calling it a day. Johnny explains to Jenny that he needs to focus on Kate for now, rather than a relationship.  Jenny bitterly accuses him of using her for sex then casting her aside.
CAZ LAYS IT ON THICK WITH MARIA As Caz shows no sign of moving out of the salon flat, Maria’s annoyed by Luke’s lack of compassion and refuses to turf her out. When Luke admits that Caz is secretly staying with him and Maria, shocked Sophie insists Kate must be told but Luke begs her not to betray his confidence. Kate’s stunned to see Caz at the gym, believing she was long gone. Caz is bereft when Kate harshly spells out she never wants to see her again. Caz cries on Maria’s shoulder about how she has nowhere else to go. Will Maria fall for it?
ELSEWHERE Audrey and Maria are startled when David returns to the salon and insists on taking all his scheduled appointments. David’s faux cheeriness as he works unnerves Audrey. But as he sweeps the contents of Kylie’s nail bar into a bin liner, it’s clear he’s struggling.

Monday 25th July
STEVE’S FLOORED BY MICHELLE’S REVELATION As Leanne waits nervously for her scan, Michelle quizzes Leanne over her pregnancy, Leanne tells her it was a one night stand. Having had her scan, a relieved Leanne tells Michelle that the baby’s fine. Michelle hugs her as Leanne thanks her for being so supportive. Michelle confides in Steve about Leanne’s pregnancy. Telling Steve how much she loves him, Michelle suggests they should have a baby of their own. How will Steve respond?
JENNY FUELS JOHNNY’S JEALOUSY When Matthew Singh arrives in the factory for a meeting, he finds Jenny alone at her machine. Jenny explains there’s been a mix-up and Johnny and Aidan should return shortly. Matthew suggests he’ll buy her a drink in the meantime. When Johnny and Aidan find Matthew Singh enjoying a drink with Jenny in the bistro, Johnny feels a pang of jealousy. Johnny apologises to Jenny and admits he regrets the way he’s treated her. Jenny lays the law down and tells him if they’re to have any chance together, he needs to show her some respect.
MARIA’S DEVASTATED BY KATE’S HARSH REBUKE Kate marches into the salon and tears a strip off Maria for allowing Caz to move in. Maria rounds on Luke for discussing Caz’s business with Sophie.  Luke’s unrepentant, pointing out that Kate was bound to find out anyway.
ELSEWHERE Audrey and Maria continue to fret over David, worried that he’s concealing his anger over Kylie.

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