Friday, 18 April 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 18 April 2014

Carla reminds hungover Peter that if he drinks again, there’ll be no baby. He’s told he’s going to rehab, and in the meantime, Steve is hired to “babysit”. This seems ludicrous to Rob who equates it with putting the monkey in charge of the bananas.

Steve’s Buttercup Syrup holds no appeal for Peter who begs him for something stronger. His request is declined, and he is plonked in front Fleabag Monkeyface. When Steve’s shift is over, Carla insists on calling “safe pair of hands” Tina to mind Peter. Once alone, she asks if she pushed him over the edge, but he assures her that isn’t the case. Despite being encouraged to do so, Tina refuses to go home; “Look at me” he tells her, “Commit this to memory and get out while you can”. She says she loves him, but he calls it pity and tells her she’s messed up if she wants anything to do with him. After being continually referred to like a child throughout both episodes, Carla paying Tina for “babysitting” Peter is surely the final degradation.

Tracy wonders what the trigger is for Peter having fallen off the wagon and this has made Rob suspicious. “Cauldron bubbling is it?” asks Steve of Liz at the Rovers, as Peter’s fall from grace is discussed with abandon. “Three cheers for family loyalty” says Steve to Tracy and Rob as they toy with the notion of an affair. “Granny Mac” and Steve pleading the fifth doesn’t help dissuade Rob from thinking there might be something in it.

As Peter leaves for rehab, Deirdre’s parcel, containing everything from his Easter egg down to a threaded needle, has Tracy “losing the will”, though his sister is uncharacteristically encouraging as he says his farewell. The same can’t be said for Rob who assures him he’ll be watching him like a hawk when he gets back.

Despite Deirdre warning them about Tony, they seriously consider going into business with him on the basis of a 400% mark up, even though they’re aware he’s shady.

David complains that he should be home drawing “Easter type scenarios” with the kids rather than using an old hanger to clear hair out of the sinks in Audrey’s. From Tai Chi on the Red Rec to clinching kettlebells, Mary has a sporty do on her mind, but it would apparently be an act of vandalism to cut her crowning glory short. Her suggestion roundly rebuffed, Maria storms off. Audrey is angry at her attitude but gently encourages some perspective. 

Maria apologises to Mary whose offer of escapist romantic fiction is declined. After Todd arrives on the scene to goad her, and Kev has to break them up, Tyrone keeps Maria company at her flat. She shows him a snowglobe from Blackpool where he proposed to her at the top of the tower. It was the most romantic day ever, she tells him before leaning in to kiss him but he’s having none of it. “Beam me up” she says as she can’t believe what she’s done. She takes all the blame saying it makes her no better than Todd.  

After forcing Jenna to watch baby clips in Roy’s on Wednesday, Fiz is at it again with Liz who has no choice but to endure looking at photos of the kids. Liz is relieved to be released as Tyrone gets a worrying text. Maria calls in to see if everything is okay only to hear they believe Kirsty has been around. It transpires that they’re attributing a present and text from Maria to be from Kirsty. There’s a moment where Maria attempts to correct Tyrone, but instead lets him believe it is Kirsty; surely an uncharacteristic move. If she was thoughtful enough to buy the kids a present in the first place, and apparently cares so much for Fiz and Tyrone, why on earth would she lead them to believe they were under such a threat?

Concerned Rita learns that Dennis has been beaten up and Norris tries to talk her out of going to see him at Weatherfield General. After “Some ageing Jezebel tempts him with her daring do”, he can’t believe she’s even considering it. 

At the hospital Norris urges her to leave him like he left her, but to no avail. Dennis is thrilled to see Rita and reveals he’s sleeping rough again. Rita can’t forgive him for running off with “The G word”, and only came to be sure he wasn’t dead. Even citing W.B. Yeats on dreams isn’t enough to win her over, and even though she later appears at the hospital to pick him up, she leaves him in no doubt that the damage done is irreparable and he’ll be sleeping on the setee until he finds alternative accommodation.

Sporting her new sporty do, Mary can forget the pains of “sweaty follicles” and throw herself into a workout at the gym, striding beside Gail, who apparently has the waist of a Bronte sister. It transpires that Mary is more comfortable north of the belt however, as where methods of defeating burglars are concerned, a sharp elbow to the Adam’s apple is preferable to “A swift kick to the unmentionables”. If this conversation is anything to go by, it bodes well for humour as both prepare to take the self-empowerment class.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Fab Photo Friday - April 18th 2014

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. With the news this week that the big fella could be showing up on our screens again, this week's Fab Photo Friday slot is dedicated to Jim McDonald.

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Spot the Corrie prop - April 18th 2014

Congratulations this week go to Val Carter who was the only one who correctly guessed that last week's mug can be found in Maria's flat. (Supreme champion AmandaB said it couldn't be Maria's because it's not her wallpaper in the background, which is correct, it's her sofa!!)

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you'd find this knitted doll.


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Watch: Video clip of tonight's Corrie - Maria comes on to Tyrone

Here's a  sneak video preview of tonight's Coronation Street:


Maria thinks everyone is talking about her and that she’s thick. Tyrone says that if she’s thick then he was thick to let Kirsty hit him. Maria is touched by Tyrone’s words and wonders why she ever let this man go.

Read the full double episode preview here - Dennis Tanner returns!

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 18 April

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 18TH APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm
MARIA MAKES A SHOCKING PASS AT TYRONE Audrey sends Maria home after she’s rude to customers. She loses her temper with Eileen and Todd when they threaten to report her to the police for assault. Seeing her distress, Tyrone steps in and guides her home where Maria pours her heart out to him. telling him he was her first love, she leans in for a kiss but how will Tyrone react?
CARLA STANDS BY HER BROKEN MAN Peter feels humiliated when Carla tells him he needs a stint in rehab and Steve is coming round to babysit him. He begs Steve to let him have a drink but Steve refuses. Peter tells Carla he doesn’t need a chaperone but Carla ignores him and takes out her phone. Who will she call?
DENNIS RETURNS TO A FROSTY RECEPTION Rita’s shocked to learn that Dennis is in hospital after being beaten up. She goes to visit him and tells him he has some explaining to do.
ELSEWHERE A worried Fiz asks Kevin to keep an eye on Tyrone, Gail starts self-defence classes at the gym and Deirdre's concerned when Tracy tells Rob she reckons they should talk to Tony about his offer of cheap gear for the shop.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 18TH APRIL 2014 at 8.30pm
MARIA EXPLOITS TYRONE’S DARKEST FEAR A mortified Maria apologises to Tyrone, assuring him she wasn’t thinking straight. She later pushes a present for Ruby through Tyrone’s letterbox and sends him a text from her new pay-as-you-go phone. When a horrified Tyrone reads the text from an unknown number he instantly thinks it’s from Kirsty and he and Fiz barricade themselves in. When Maria turns up he shows her the text. Will she confess it’s from her or will she use his fear as an excuse to comfort him?
CARLA AND TINA UNITE IN CONCERN FOR PETER Rob tells Tracy, Liz, and Steve that he thinks Peter has another woman on the go. At Carla’s request, Tina babysits Peter where she tells him she loves him but Peter insists she’s better off without him. As Carla and Peter leave for rehab, has Peter’s guilt finally tipped him over the edge?
RITA THROWS DENNIS TO THE WOLVES Rita’s unsympathetic when Dennis tells her how it all went wrong with Gloria and he ended up sleeping on the streets but she later allows him to stay on her sofa, making it clear it’s only temporary.
ELSEWHERE Tracy and Rob strike a deal with Tony and agree to sell his knock-off goods in their shop and Mary tells Gail she’s also signed up for the self-defence course.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Out of sight, out of mind?

As the Peter and Tina dirty circus continues to grind its way around Weatherfield, I've been contemplating what will actually happen once Tina is dead and gone, culprit caught and put away...probably sharing a cell with Jim McDonald in the Big House.

Will we see any of Tina's family in the aftermath of her demise? Her mother hasn't been glimpsed in years. Surely she will make an appearance in the weeks ahead? It would be bizarre if she didn't. Once Tina herself departs, I wonder how long other characters will remember her? Will she succomb to the usual "out of sight, out of mind"?

Sometimes it can take months, even years for a character to leave our screens. Nowadays it feels like actors announce they are leaving around a year before they actually get in that cab and take a right onto Viaduct Street. Afterwards however...nothing. For example, how often has Stella been referenced since they invented that never-before-mentioned-friend in New York for her to go off and live with?

Hayley will always be mentioned thanks to the continued presence of the much loved Roy. However wouldn't it be comforting for us long term viewers if Audrey spoke of Alma once in a while, or Rita of Mavis?

I'm not necessarily pitching that we need a full blown nostalgia fest, but given the links still in Corrie, it would seem natural for the occasional comment to be made. When was the last time Norris talked about Derek or David about Martin (his dad for goodness sake!)

Thankfully we still have Emily conjuring up moist-eyed memories of her Ernest, but I for one would love Deirdre to reminisce about Blanche more often. It would be a joy for some of Maggie Jones' classic one liners to get another airing. There's definitely not been anyone come along since to replace her in our affections.

Even if we never see some of these classic characters again in Coronation Street, I think it would reward long time viewers just a little if the likes of Mavis, Alf and Betty were name-checked every so often.

What do you think?

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Revealed! Who kills Tina McIntyre?

The rumours are flying thick and fast around th'interweb over the identity of Tina McIntyre's killer.  ITV are reported to have filmed seperate endings with different twists.  But, Corrie fans, here we go with our own take on who we think will kill off Tina McIntyre.

The clues are all there and clearly the killer is...

Pat Phelan's wife Valerie.   She finds out that Pat's had his beady, creepy eye on Tina and runs her over in her Jag on the way to the gym. Or possibly on the way back from the gym.  Or Waitrose.  She's evil this woman, evil.

Or the killer might be...

Deirdre Barlow.  Deirdre finds out about Tina's fling with Peter and isn't best pleased. She invites Tina round for tea for a chat and feeds her a special bake of her stuffed marrow before beating her to a pulp with her jelly mould.

Or the killer might be...

Darryl the rat.  Tina pops round to see her best mate Chesney, who she's all of a sudden developed a crush on, tells him she loves him and wants him to leave Sinead.  In his cage on the kitchen floor, Darryl the rat overhears temptress Tina chatting up Chesney and is incensed as only a rat can be incensed.  He rips open the bars of his cage, darts across the lino into the living room and dives on Tina's neck, going for the jugular and Chesney's left with blood on his hands and some explaining to do.

Or the killer might be...

Little Jack Webster.  Just where has he disappeared to since he came back from Germany with Kev? Clearly he's gone into hiding already so we forget about him and then when Tina's murdered, we'll all be reminded of his existence as he's outed as the Street's newest, youngest baddie.  Full leather jacket, bovver boots, he's got the gangster look which makes him clearly capable of all sorts of badness.

Or the killer might be...

Fat Brenda.  She's never forgiven Tina for the way she once nicked her last Gypsy Cream in the Streetcars office.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Does familiarity breed contempt on Corrie?

While browsing on Digital Spy this morning, I came across an article about the cast of Eastenders getting their photo taken. While I’ve never watched Eastenders, I was always familiar with the characters and would tune in if the episode was exciting. But looking at today’s cast photo I was shocked to see how little of them I actually recognised. The only familiar faces I knew included Dot Cotton, Ian Beale, Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts. Gone were the likes of Frank and Pat Butcher, Pauline Fowler and Peggy Mitchell to name a few. It suddenly hit me how the show has changed in the last 10 years, not to mention since it began back in 1985. Out of the original cast, only Ian Beale remains.

This got me thinking about Corrie and its cast. The show has been fortunate, or you may think it’s unfortunate, to have cast members that have been with the show for many years. While Ken Barlow of course has been in the show since the beginning, and Emily isn’t far behind him, many others have given a long and loyal service to the show. Rita, Deirdre and Gail have been in the show for 40 years while others like Audrey, Kevin, Sally and Steve have been in the show for 25 to 30 years. Other current characters like Roy, Norris, Tyrone, Maria, Fiz and Dev have also been in the show for many years.

Coronation Street has always had long running characters with even legendary names like Hilda Ogden, Bet Lynch, Elsie Tanner and Annie Walker appearing on the show for over 20 years. Others include the Duckworths, Alf Roberts, Betty Turpin, Mike Baldwin and Mavis Wilton.

I believe for a show to succeed, and Corrie has succeeded (we can’t argue with that), it should embrace change but also keep those familiarities. Over the years, if you popped in and out of Corrie, you were always assured that when you returned, Betty would be dishing out hotpot and Rita would be serving behind the Kabin counter. I think that’s one of the things that attracts me to Corrie – that sense of history and familiarity. 

While other soaps have had huge cast changes over the years, Corrie has always maintained and kept its old guard. But, in recent years we have lost some long servers and over the next decade or so we will lose others. But I think we should be grateful that we have had them for so long!

So what do you think? Are you glad that there are so many familiar faces still in Corrie? Or do you welcome more new faces? Does familiarity breed contempt?

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