Sunday, 29 March 2015

Preview of tonight's hour-long Corrie, Sunday 29 March

STEVE AND MICHELLE ARE CAUGHT IN THE RING CYCLE. Steve’s thrown when Michelle mentions a long engagement, worrying that she doesn’t really want to marry him and only agreed out of pity. When Michelle then adds there’s no rush to buy an engagement ring, not wanting to pressurise Steve, his doubts multiply. Convinced his illness makes him a burden to her, Steve calls off the engagement. Michelle decides to fight for Steve and sets about preparing a surprise for him. Lloyd steers Steve back to the Rovers to face Michelle, where he finds the back room romantically decorated with candles. Michelle follows him into the bar and the auction grinds to a halt as she passionately professes her love for Steve then gets down on one knee and proposes. Will Steve accept?
BETHANY RUNS CIRCLES ROUND NICK. Nick prepares to drive Bethany to the airport. Determined to miss the flight, Bethany throws away his car keys and runs off. Todd finds Bethany hiding in Barlow’s Buys and hands her over to Nick. Nick’s weary as Bethany defiantly insists he cannot force her to board a plane. Chaos reigns at No.8 as Gail phones to tell furious Sarah that Bethany missed her flight.
CRAIG DOES A DUMMY RUN. Faye’s set on giving birth in the shop flat and wants Craig to take the baby to hospital afterwards. But as Craig sets out on a practice run of his journey will they realise the dangers of this plan?
ELSEWHERE Sean and Billy host the butlers’ auction at the Rovers. The night proves to be a success. On a high Billy suggests he spend the night at Sean’s. David’s downcast as Max gets excited about spending the day with Callum. Todd mischievously informs Tracy that Tony’s sold Jason’s house and may be keen to invest in expanding the business. Tracy gets dolled up and summons Tony to the closed shop. Post-coital Tracy drops hints to Tony about expanding. Will Tony see through her tactics?

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Interview with Coronation Street's Sam

There's a good interview over on Digital Spy with Peter Mitchell, who can be seen on Corrie as Sinead's friend Sam, in hospital.

Peter has also worked on Hollyoaks and now he's in Corrie he says it's "unbelievable".

"When I heard about the audition, I got very excited. We see a lot of actors jumping between the soaps, but for me to do nine months in Hollyoaks and now a bit in Corrie is crazy. I thought I would never get that sort of opportunity. Coronation Street to me is the biggest soap in the UK, so to be a part of that and get a storyline is fantastic."

Peter is also filming a BBC Three documentary and says: "I've always had the idea of me going out and talking to people who are going through the same thing I did 12 years ago - people who weren't born with disabilities but have ended up using a wheelchair through accidents. I wanted to tell people's stories, see how their lives have changed and what the future holds for them. It's a huge shock for anyone to go through that, as it's a completely different lifestyle after you have an accident."

Read the full interview here

Glenda Young 
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Corrie on Camping

The current chit-chat relating to Corrie's current one-man campfest, Callum 'who dear? me dear?' Logan serves to remind us of the show's historical fey (as opposed to 'Faye') undertones.

They have always been there of course, right from day one with Elsie archly commenting on her own looks. Tony Warren ensured that a certain camp aesthetic ran through the script and at a time when there was no possibility of a gay character on t'cobbles, it was down to the ladies to help lighten the load.

Although the idea of Albert Tatlock swishing into the Rovers with a clutch bag or Ken holding court in the Rovers 'a la Kenneth Williams' would have been fun. Instead we had brassy 'n' bad Elsie, tart with a heart Bet and snobby Annie on hand to provide the knowing looks and cutting one-liners. To this day, the tradition continues in the form of Sally, Liz, Julie and Carla.

As with Callum and the wonderful Jez Quigley, camp doesn't have to mean gay. Corrie has had some delightfully 'light' characters tripping across the cobbles down the years. Norris Cole has been a bastion of camp for almost 20 years. He is a sniffy old woman disguised under a tank top. Any camper and he would be folding his arms under his bosoms and sniffing loudly. Norris isn't 'fun' camp though. He's Ena Sharples for the new Millennium.

Alec Gilroy and Fred Elliott also provided us with numerous camp moments. These were probably down to, particularly in John Savident's case, a theatrical style of performance. Savident always delivered Fred's lines as though it was to the back row of the London Palladium (see also Yasmeen Nazir). This exaggerated style became synonymous with Fred and was part of the character's charm. Alec too was camp writ large, with his endless fussing.

Of the younger cast, there aren't all that many characters, other than Sean, who have had a touch of the Charles Hawtreys. Steve is possibly the closest, thanks to the slightly over-the-top facial expressions and his tendency to opt for a high vocal in some scenes. Dev continues the fine tradition of Fred Elliott with his booming performances and occasional fey mannerisms. Those two aside though, the blokes are pretty much blokey.

For those who worry about another week of Callum sweeping across the cobbles with all the swagger and bravado of Celia Johnson circa 1946, here's two words for you. Greg Kelly.

Cast your mind back to the somewhat unbelievable macho man, seed of Les Battersby, who caused the faktry girls to coo and flutter their eyelids and who eventually bedded Sally. Poor old Greg. No wonder he was so unhappy, mincing around Weatherfield, desperate to order a Cinzano and lemon in the Rovers or rifle through Sally's Bananarama CDs. If you think Callum is the Street's campest ever baddy, then revisit the Greg Kelly years. Even Frankie Howerd would have raised a glass of sherry in admiration.  Watch him on YouTube here.

By Clinkers to Riddle

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Coronation Street weekly update - hearts will go on

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 20 years in 20 e-books
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PLUS... Coronation Street companion books!

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A Perfect Duet. The Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper

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It’s a bit shorter than usual this week, as the Bishop might have said to the actress. There were only three episodes of Corrie due to Friday night’s double episode being moved to this coming Sunday because of football. Which is good news for the actress, and indeed for the Bishop, as next week’s will be longer.  And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It’s Gavin’s funeral and Gail turns up with Andy at her side. It’s both complicated and dull this storyline, to me any road, and I want it over and done with. Michael’s ex-wife Susan and his aunt Barbara are at the funeral and both of them wonder why Michael’s not there. Gail tells them Michael’s not well, but both women want to speak to Michael and Gail’s having a hard time putting them off.

Gail also gives short shrift to Bethany and books her on a plane back to Milan to be with her mam. But Bethany wants to stay in England and tries to butter up Audrey, which works. Audrey then fights Bethany’s corner with Gail, which fails.  
Sally spits sarcasm to Jenny across the table in Roy’s Rolls when she sees her with Kevin. Is it really because Sally is making a stand for her friend Rita who we haven’t seen her interact with since 1982, or could it be she’s secretly jealous of Kevin’s new fling?

In the back room of the Rovers, Michelle sorts through a box of stuff (we’ve all got one) and finds a stash of letters from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Why Corrie keep referring to HMRC in the dialogue by the no longer used term of Inland Revenue is beyond me.  Steve’s been stuffing the letters in a box and denying he’s in debt to the tax man to the tune of thousands of pounds.


Speaking of tunes, young Amy murders “My Heart Will Go On” on her recorder for nanna Liz, whose ears cannot bear it. Michael Rodwell, however, might welcome the thought.

Steve thinks he can see a way out of his debt problems, bingo and by jove, he’s got it! He asks Michelle to marry him. Well, I guess it must have made sense to him at the time.

And that's just about that for this week. Remember, you can sign up to get these Corrie weekly updates by email at

This week’s writers were Chris Fewtrell (Monday double) and Mark Wadlow (Wednesday).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

Glenda Young
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Friday, 27 March 2015

Is Callum the campest Corrie villain?

Dictionary definitions of the word camp include theatrical, exaggerated, affected; something that unknowingly provides sophisticated, knowing amusement, being artlessly mannered or stylized.

I think we can apply the definition to Corrie bad lad Callum Logan, don't you? He's the softest hard lad that Corrie's ever had (*). He's been stylized and affected as a nasty piece of work but there's much more going on with Callum than first meets the eye.

The first publicity picture we ever saw of Callum showed him in the Dog and Gun pub, twiddling with a beer mat. As @DubWeasel points out on twitter, it wasn't just any beer mat. It was a beer mat for Semillion Chardonnay, a white wine. A sweet white wine.

That Callum was fiddling with a beer mat suggests an awkwardness, a nervousness, some anxiety. That's my experience with beer mat fiddlers anyway. And who'd have had Callum down as a Chardonnay drinker? Surely a pint of snakebite with a chaser of uppers should be much more the style of someone who's a nasty piece of business.

The clues were there from the start. Callum was never going to be a menace, he'd never hurt anyone, not really, although he might know people who would. This was proved when Audrey and Gail faced him down in the pub, on his own turf.  It's also why little Max wants to get to know his real dad. Even little Max doesn't sense any evil.  And it's why his mum has utter faith in her son, supporting him in his quest to get his son and her grandson into their lives.  How cuddly and warm was his mum? Dressed in non-threatening pink when we first met her, sharing sudoku and crosswords instead of sarcasm and cross words with Gail.

At the mediation sessions with both David and Callum supported by their mums, David chips in at one point to the mediator, about Callum, with:  “I’d really learn how to control that anger. You wouldn’t want her thinking you’re not a nice guy.”

He's not a nice guy. But I bet he's never pushed his mother down the stairs, or chucked peanuts at her. 

I can't say I'm enjoying the Callum v David fighting for Max storyline. In my view, it's gone on too long already and it's clear we're nowhere near the end of it yet. But there's a certain complexity, and campness, to the character of Callum that makes the storyline watchable. When Kylie returns, she might just be the one to get Callum out of the Platts' lives.

(*) Not to be confused with Jez Quigley who was the hardest hard lad that Corrie's ever had, while still managing to be very camp.

Glenda Young 
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Fab Photo Friday - March 27th 2015

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo.

Looking through photographs of the Coronation Street set it always amazes me how busy they are nowadays with pictures and ornaments and the general bric-a-brac of everyday living in modern times.

Here's a picture of Elsie Tanner's back parlour from the early days of Corrie with hardly a prop in sight.

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Spot the Corrie prop - March 27th 2015

As I thought, last week's prize prop puzzle proved particularly perplexing and we had only one correct guess as to the location of the "rooster motif hook arrangement thingummy". So it's many congratulations and a Coronation Street keyring for our winner Hanney Graham who spotted the prop in Sally & Tim's kitchen.

Hanney, to claim your keyring prize, please email with the address you'd like the prize sent to and it'll be popped in the post to you asap!  Congratulations!

There'll be more Coronation Street prize giveaways in the coming weeks - so keep your eyes peeled on the background props in Corrie to stand a chance of winning.

There's no prize this week for telling us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this kitchen shelf. 

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Samia Ghadie announces pregnancy

Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria Connor on Coronation Street, has announced she's pregnant with her second child.

Samia and her partner, ice-skater Sylvain Longchambon, met on the Dancing on Ice show. Samia announced last night on twitter that she's expecting their first child together. She already has a daughter Freya with her ex-husband Matthew Smith.

The news that Samia is pregnant will of course mean that she'll be taking a break from Coronation Street when she goes off on maternity leave.  This means Maria will no longer be involved in that storyline where she's... hang on, well, there's the kitchen tiles and a bit of hairdressing at Audrey's, but there really hasn't been much else for Maria going on for a very long time.  

When Samia is given a meaty role for Maria, which let's face it isn't often, she really shows her mettle, Maria grows a pair and both the actress and the character are worth watching. But for far too long Maria has been nothing more than a hair-twirling bit of background fluff and won't be missed by this fan.

Also still away on maternity leave are Jennie McAlpine (Fiz Stape) and Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price). Paula Lane, who plays Kylie Platt, has now returned to work.

Glenda Young 
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