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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards, Sepember 20 - 24

Reality Bites award: Gold star: It all came down around Natasha's head. The week started with an engagement ring and ended in an ambulance.
Silver Star: Sian's dad reacted as expected when he found out about Sophie and Sian.

Nasty soup for breakfast: Gold Star: Is Owen showing his true colours? He certainly had nasty soup for breakfast this week.
Silver star: Nick isn't far behind. He has been horrid to and about Trev all week! Then he's took the chance to be nasty to Natasha.

The Grass isn't Greener on the other side of the fence award: Sophie and Sian thought being on their own would solve their problems. Guess not.

Fear the temper of the red head award: Flamin' star: Rita isn't happy when she's flooded out!

The Reincarnation award: Gold Star: Gail has finally completely become Ivy Tilsley.

Do I see sparks award: Lusty star: Rosie called Jason thick but there was a big "but" in her eyes.

Lines of the Week:Rita: "Don't you go all Biblical on me, Norris, Go! Yer flamin' drama queen!"
Kylie about Becky: "She'll soon get sick of me. People always do." (And why would that be?)
Audrey to Gail: "I think the word you were struggling for is 'Congratulations'"
David about Natasha: "When it comes to having it upstairs, she's practically a bungalow!"
Natasha: "You probably think I have no self respec.t" (yep) and "Deep down you're delighted. Now go jump for joy." (She's right.)
Nick: "We all sacked her. And one of us enjoyed it."
Gail: "What if she dies?" David: "Let's jump off that bridge when we get to it."

Just a note, there won't be any weekly awards for a few weeks as I'm on me jollies from Saturday.


seapenguin said...

I thought Rita was brilliant. How horrible IS Gail at the moment?! unbelievable.

Tvor said...

Age and disappointment have not been kind to Gail!

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