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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Videos and more from Corrie's 50th anniversary press party

With thanks to Ian Wylie for this wonderful video of Steve Huison and Debbie Rush (Eddie and Anna Windass) singing at Coronation Street's 50th anniversary press party this week. You can view Ian Wylie's Corrie party pictures here.

You can watch more videos over at the official ITV Corrie site where Anthony Cotton (Sean Tully) interviews his fellow cast members at the party and here too. There are also official pictures and of course, our own blog pictures too.

And you can now even download the full, 100 page, press pack from the party -a  must-read for all fans, full of lists and fab facts! It's here.


seapenguin said...

This should be a Christmas no. 1!

Anonymous said...

To find out more about the band who backed the cast members and kept the party goers entertained go to:

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band

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