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Friday, 17 September 2010

Rover's Return bottle bank

In my excitement about Jack Duckworth's mechanical pigeons, I missed this one when I was looking through the PDSA Christmas catalogue, earlier.
The PDSA are also offering a Rover's Return bottle bank, for saving up that spare change for a special occasion. It's shaped like a beer bottle, not the pub itself. It costs £6.99. They're also offering a matching talking bottle opener at £7.99. It doesn't tell you what the bottle opener says, unfortunately.
Again, I got this info. from my own copy which arrived in the post. I've had a quick look at their online shop but can't see it. Here's the link anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hi, PDSA here!

Just to let you know that the bottle opener says 3 things:
Corrie theme tune;
Ken Barlow toasting the Street "Raise your glass with me and drink a toast to Coronation Street" with some cheering;
Bottle opening and pouring drink sounds

You can buy the item online, link below, which will help raise funds for sick and injured pets.


seapenguin said...

Wow! that sounds great - thanks PDSA!

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