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Friday, 17 September 2010

Jack Duckworth beer in the Rovers Return

The Daily Star report today that Jack Duckworth's going to have a beer named after him when he dies and leaves the Street. 
Newton & Ridley will make a commemorative keg in Jack's memory. The paper says that producer Phil Collinson came up with the idea as he was eager to make sure that Bill Tarmey’s exit should stay in the memories of millions of Street fans.  A Corrie source said: “It’s a master stroke – what a brilliant way to remember Jack. And Bill loved the idea too. His smile was a mile wide when he heard they were going to introduce a special bitter in his memory.”

Jack is set to die of cancer and the bitter will go on sale in the Rovers after his funeral.

1 comment:

Sunny Jim said...

commemorative keg? I don't think a vat of fizzy piss is the proper way to commemorate Jack a decent cask ale would be far better.

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