Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Where the flaming heck is Eddie Windass?

No, I'm not going to apologise for getting this picture out again. I've got it blown up poster-size at home and the neighbours are all paying to come in and have a look.
But where IS Eddie Windass? He's not been on Corrie for ages and it's not flaming good enough.
He put a couple of bets on at Peter Barlow's ages ago, and was horrible to someone in the Rover's a couple of weeks back, and that's been it.
No eating breakfast out of pans. No cake-making. No appearances in the tasteless plastic apron.
Just not good enough at all if you ask me.
One possible explanation is that they've been giving him a makeover - now that COULD take a while *faints at thought*. But I really really hope not.


John McE said...

I doubt it - he looked his usual unkept self the other day... and that was at some TV awards show!!!

seapenguin said...

Oh good.

Sally, Vancouver BC said...

I disliked this family when they first came to the street, but now I love them. Anna is fabulous and Eddie takes us back to the schemes Jack Duckworth used to try and pull off! I even like Gary. I think they take Corrie back to its roots.

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