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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Yana, One of Corrie's Unsung Heros

Flaming Nora's post today about a chance to win an exclusive print by Jayne Tunnicliffe made me all nostalgic about the Corrie character she used to play, Yana Lumb. Yana was Cilla's mate. She was tall, trashy, sarky and had legs that went on forever and made the most of them. This photo is from one of my favourite storylines, Cilla's wedding to Les. The hen night was nurses at the ready and didn't she and Cilla look great! Yana did Cilla's hair and makeup the next day and Cilla's "kiss curls" made it look like the demonic 666 on her forehead! Perfect!

The other memorable Yana storyline was her fling with Les that landed them in a bathtub of mushy peas! When Sam Aston was here in Halifax, he recalled that neither actor relished the scenes and it was very cold outside as well. Ah, those were the days! Once Cilla left, there wasn't much call for Yana but wouldn't it be fun to see her? Maybe she could encounter Chesney in the market. Or, wouldn't you like to see the look on Liz's face if she turned up on Big Jim's arm?


Sunny Jim said...

I'd love to see Yana back though I can't see it happening without the return of Cilla too.

I was never Cilla's greatest fan but with her daughter pregnant and her younger son now a budding entrepreneur, there's certainly plenty of scope for her making an appearence and stirring things up a bit. And you never know, Cilla might even make Fiz see sense over Stape. Nobody else seems to be able to do it.

Brian Bellow said...

Why all the constant trumpeting on this board about Yana? She was an OK character in it for a short time as Cilla's friend. Nothing spectacular or memorable; hardly Hilda, Raquel or Vera???

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