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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hard work ahead for Corrie crew

There's a hard couple of months ahead for the cast and crew of Coronation Street. Phil Collinson told us on Friday that work was starting immediately on filming the tram crash and all the events that surround it to bring us a week of TV that we will remember forever. There are 5 weeks of night shooting to be done with the crew working night and day to bring us this TV spectacular.

Chatting to some of the cast on Friday, it's clearly been hard work already. Episodes are normally produced 6 weeks ahead of transmission but prodcution has been stepped up recently to put them 8 weeks ahead. This will give them a cushion to cope with all the extra work for the anniversary week programmes including rehearsing for the live episode. With Christmas and New Year coming as well, it is expected that they could be less than 2 weeks ahead by the time they return to work in January, so the hard work will continue on into the new year to get back on track.

Apparently the plans also include all of the cast, numbering around 70 actors, each appearing on screen sometime during the week. It all sounds like a logistical nightmare but if anyone can pull it off, Corrie can.


John M said...

Jeepers, rather them than me! The results will be terrific though.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll pull it off.

The live episode in 2000 passed off without any technical hiccups.

They've done it once & they'll do it again I'm sure; although it must be very nerve wracking for the actors doing it live.

I've heard that in the week leading up to the 50th anniversary the street will be stripped across the schedule for 30 minutes on each weekday and that one of these episodes will go out live but that the cast have yet to be told which one!

Anonymous said...

Amber should be there. :(

Anonymous said...

Give us disaster, blood and gore. Yuck!

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