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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Corrie fans vote for Norris to marry Mary

In the latest of our Coronation Street polls here on the blog we asked fans to vote for who they thought should marry Mary.

The results produced an overwhelming scream of Norris! Norris! Norris!

A whopping 730 votes were cast and the results came in as follows:

Must be Norris, 30%
Definitely Norris, 21%
Norris, 10%
Possibly Norris, 4%
Maybe Norris, 3%
Yes, Norris,  2%

Of the non-Norris men that Mary could marry, the votes were cast as follows:

Kirk, 11%
Ciaran, 8%
Bill, 5%
Owen, 2%

Thanks to everyone who voted.


John M said...

I voted "Possibily Norris" due to the fact that only he fully knows how mad she is. She is a lovely, funny character but I wouldn't wish her on any other bloke.

Loonie Baloon said...

I cannot see Norris marrying her in a million years unless she drugged him or blackmailed him or something. I can imagine Mary is somewhat ahem, demanding in the bedroom department - LOL!

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