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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Coronation Street magazine goes on sale

There's an official ITV Coronation Street 50th magazine going on sale next month.  The magazine will be packed with exclusive features, photos, interviews and insights covering Corrie's history and memorable moments, right through to the present day highlights.

The souvenir guide will go on sale in WH Smiths from 8th October, costing £2.50. 

PS: I have a feeling this magazine's going to be great... I was asked to contribute some articles to it so I know the fun slant they've taken.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll have to make a note in my diary to buy this & seems very reasonably priced at £2.50 as well.

I can remember in the old days when there used to be a Corrie fanzine published each month. However, I suppose it was in the days before the internet had really taken off so not sure how well it would sell today but I'm certainly looking forward to reading this souvenir edition.

Anonymous said...

Just read it. Pretty poor quality. Terrible design and very old fashioned and full of lots of waffly articles. Very disappointing!

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